Kentucky Author Forum now on WORLD channel

University of Louisville Kentucky Author Forum’s “Great Conversations” will begin airing on WORLD Channel on June 1, 2014, at 7:00 PM (ET). “Great Conversations,” taped live at the University of Louisville Kentucky Author Forum by Kentucky Educational Television (KET), will now join such public television favorites as NOVA, Frontline, and PBS Newshour, airing on WORLD’s 149 channels, covering over 61% of the total U.S. market. WORLD is a 24/7 full service multicast channel, originating from WGBH/Boston, and featuring public television’s signature nonfiction documentary, science and news programming.

This latest national recognition for the Kentucky Author Forum, founded by producer Mary Moss Greenebaum in 1996, greatly increases the profile of these diverse and thought-provoking dialogues. Through partnership with KET, the taped Forum interviews have been distributed for optional airing on PBS member stations across the country, as “Great Conversations,” since 2006. The distribution through WORLD will significantly broaden the national exposure for the “Great Conversations” series, assuring airings in top tier markets of New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco, among others.

On June 1 WORLD Channel aired the first of the series: an exuberant conversation between journalist Malcolm Gladwell, author of Outliers, The Tipping Point and David and Goliath, and writer Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind and other best-selling books on the changing world of work, recorded live at Kentucky Author Forum in 2009.

The airings of “Great Conversations” which will follow include: Elizabeth Gilbert, in conversation with ZZ Packer; Congressman John Lewis, with Rachel Maddow; marine conservationist Richard Ellis, with Jeff Corwin; poet Billy Collins, with Garrison Keillor; Chris Matthews, with E. J. Dionne; Erik Larson, with Robert Siegel. A total of 16 “Great Conversations” are scheduled to be aired on WORLD this summer.